Detroit Design System

INRIX SaaS universal design language


March 2021 - Senior UI/UX Designer contract with INRIX begins

Client: INRIX
Skills: Figma

As INRIX transitions from a DaaS company into one with SaaS offerings, a new Product team was formed in order to oversee the development and rollout of software for domestic and international clients. Some of INRIX's clients include over 250 government agencies such as the City of Austin, TX; the City of Copenhagen, and FLDOT. Other clients include international brands such as Amazon, BMW, and Google.

Among many others, one of the primary projects the team needed to address was designing a unified design system for the various products the company was developing. While a basic framework was already in place, the design system needed to be componentized and fully fleshed out for production use.

An example of a complex component variant, the resizable data grid. Well organized layers alongside simple documentation allows for ease-of-use with other designers and developers.