Data analytics tool redesign


April 2019 - Employment at Cisco and redesign of internal tool begins

Client: Cisco
Skills: Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS, JS

Used internally, Enterprise Data and Analytics (aka EDnA) is a webtool designed to aide employees looking to pull collected data from various platforms deployed by Cisco. Data objects and tables from platforms such as Snowflake, Hadoop, HANA, and Teradata, along with a few others, are included as platforms accessible through EDnA to be analyized and reported on.

When hired as the sole, specialized UX designer for this project, I was tasked with revamping the user experience and visual design of the webtool and help bring the tool into a more contemporary age of web design.

My job has been to analyize existing functionality of EDnA's various tools, collect user feedback and data from users, map new user journeys and flows, discuss with various stakeholders solutions for existing and anticipated problems within the system, create low through high-fidelity mockups, pitch these mockups to stakeholders and VP level management, assist with the front end implementation through HTML, CSS, and JS, and conduct QA and usability testing of the newly designed pages.