Sean Mihaly | UX & Visual Experience Designer

Branding | The Chromatic Dragon

A premium gamerpub for the geeks and non-geeks of Savannah, GA


January, 12th 2015 - Kickstarter begins
February, 11th 2015 - Kickstarter ends: Successfully funded
May, 1th 2015 - Soft-open of restaurant

Client: The Chromatic Dragon - forge(x) Corporation
Skills: Photoshop, Design, Branding

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The Chromatic Dragon is a restaurant and bar in Savannah, GA built and designed for gamers, nerds, and their families. The idea of a 'gamerpub' wasn't new at the time of conception, but there certainly wasn't anything like it in Savannah before it. Within the same block, another business called The Guild Hall housed a similar demographic of people who spend their time and money on gaming-related hobbies such as Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, various board games, and video games. The owners and founders of The Guild Hall looked to build a gaming campus, with The Chromatic Dragon being their fuel station for local gamers and their families alike.

In January of 2015, The Chromatic Dragon launched its Kickstarter to raise money for the renovation and decking-out of the space.

Sean was in charge of directing, filming, and editing the Kickstarter video seen below:


Prior to the announcement of the Kickstarter, Sean was put in charge of developing the logo along with the general aesthetic for The Chromatic Dragon brand. The owners descirbed taking the look and feel of a medieval pub one would see in The Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones, and putting a modern, contemporary spin on it.

Upon agreement on the logo, the Facebook page along with other social outlets were created in addition to the the official website. Soon after, the menu was developed which allowed for the physical creation of the menu to take place. Additionally, Sean created fliers using photographs he had taken to distribute to places in the community, and on the campus. Social media content, digital signage, and more was developed during his time there.


Sean helped layout and plan the interior of the pub from the very beginning. Major contributions included plans to remove the manager's office and replace it with a bar, designing the soffit above the bar, choosing artwork, choosing and laying out lighting fixtures, and designing the entertainment systems.